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Although, the Internet is pretty awesome today, too

Beautifully weaving together the rhetorical style of a Ciali$$ spam and an LD50 of douchebaggery, the glorious is a gentle reminder why the Internet is a munificent master: it’s really a great big Whac-A-Mole, except the moles are replaced with overeager morons. And instead of popping back into their holes, they just stand still.

Since then, I have read over tons of books, over 1,000 blog posts, too many forum entries to count, and continued learning from my own hands-on admissions experience, all to keep Get Into Harvard cutting-edge with the latest information.

Woweee!! That’s a lot of books—“over tons”? And a thousand blog posts? To think! That’s over ten paragraphs a day … for four whole months!

I know $27 may sound expensive, but Harvard admission is worth literally millions of dollars to you over the course of your lifetime. Just ask Lloyd Blankfein, current CEO of Goldman Sachs and Harvard alum who made almost $100 million dollars last year.

Yeah, awesome! What a guy to look up to! I bet that was the best goddamn $27 he never spent!

Garrett Dash Nelson

February 29th, 2008 at 11:11 am

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