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Further internecine quarrels

On Monday, I suggested that the semantic choice of “queer” signaled a fundamentally illiberal drive towards self-marginalization by the gay rights movement. I hate to keep raising issues with friends on the left, but this recent strategy by climate-change protestors in Washington is also awfully ridiculous:

Right now, word on the street is the police will arrest 75 people—the product of a bizarre and counterintuitive haggling process. The organizers had been pushing for 100 arrests, I’m told. The more arrests, the more attention they get. But the police didn’t want to go above 25. Eventually they settled on 75. But now, with 3 p.m. receding, it’s unclear if anyone is going to the slammer.

The protesters decide to step it up a notch. “If you want to get arrested, please go over to the gate now and sit down,” says a girl wearing a green helmet and wielding a green folder. “Those who don’t want to be arrested, please come over this way.” The two groups separate.

I would love to know exactly how that “haggling process” happened.

Garrett Dash Nelson

March 5th, 2009 at 11:11 am

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