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Black man also in charge of Republican Land

Michael Steele today became the first black chairman of the Republican National Committee. On the day of Obama’s inauguration, I was thinking how terrifying and harrowing the experience must have been inside the mind of a right-wing nutcase who actually truly believed that Obama was a Black Panther cryptocandidate with designs to fire an AK-47 on the Capitol steps and declare Sharia law. Who knows what those people are thinking right now—probably they’re down in a bunker somewhere applying another layer of tinfoil to the walls.

What’s nice is that it forces even the craziest racial dead-enders to realize that race isn’t all that important after all. The chances are pretty strong that an America where both the country itself and the remainder-racist party are lead by blacks will run just as smoothly and effectively as it ran when the positions were held by whites. And sooner or later we’ll probably figure out that you can throw women, Arabs, gays, atheists, people with cleft lips—or really anybody—into the reins of leadership, and the country keeps moving.

Garrett Dash Nelson

January 30th, 2009 at 9:09 pm