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Change you can believe in

An intelligent, if slightly overwrought, analysis of the vacuity of the status quo by Jim Kunstler. The epithet of ‘overwrought,’ it may be pointed out, is forgivable when the times themselves are overwrought.

The environmental movement, especially at the elite levels found in places like Aspen, is full of Harvard graduates who believe that all the drive-in espresso stations in America can be run on a combination of solar and wind power. […] It seems especially tragic to me that some of the brightest people I meet are bent on mounting the tragic campaign to sustain the unsustainable in one way or another.

As I have repeatedly suggested, our moral imaginations have been so compressed by the assumption that we are at ‘the end of history’—that our current lifestyles will remain largely unchanged, forever, with slight aesthetic modifications—that we no longer know how to actuate real, meaningful change.

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Garrett Dash Nelson

December 31st, 2008 at 1:01 pm