Legion. An amalgamated journal.

On Thanksgiving

Roughly speaking, the Virginians established Christmas in the heathen wilderness, and the New-Englanders invented Thanksgiving there; though we have no doubt that a great deal might be said to show that neither did either. It is a point that we should yield more readily to compulsion than to persuasion, and for our actual convenience we shall regard it as incontrovertible; for it is important, if not essential, to the fancy we should like to indulge of a gradual fusion of the literature proper to Christmas and the literature proper to Thanksgiving in a literature appropriate to both; and without the Roundheads and the Cavaliers to go back to, our fancy would experience a difficulty comparable to that of the elephant which the world once rested upon if the fundamental turtle had been taken from under its feet. The state of that elephant would have been awkward; he would not have known what to do; and our fancy would now be very much at a loss without its Roundheads and its Cavaliers; perhaps without them it could not be indulged at all.

“Editor’s Study,” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine LXXX (1889–1890), p. 155–156.

Garrett Dash Nelson

November 27th, 2008 at 12:12 pm