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How the garden grows

Having just gotten a bit of magazine-bashing out of my system, it’s around time to set my ledger straight and do some praising. And so, from one member of the “Black-and-white double-sided single-leaf idiosyncratic pamphlet distributed in the Quad” market to another, I would like to offer a welcome and good luck to publishers of The Warble. The new pamphlet is sharp and genuine—exactly what a fledgling new publication should be—and it is my opinion that the mental health of a college can reasonably be gauged by measuring the number of these type of good-natured letters to no-one. I am glad to see The Warble around, and hope that it will not be the last addition to this scene.

Of particular note in the initial issue is Spencer Strub’s “Shade to Shade.” As I am not a formal literary critic, there is no point in me describing it here, and, at any rate it is short enough to read quickly. So read it.

The only slight criticism I would make proceeds out of our own convictions here at the Syndicate, and that it is the description of the pamphlet as an “arts publication.” I question whether there can really be such a thing, and, if so, whether it is a desirable label. One of our axiomatic principles here is the indivisibility of the liberal arts, and a rejection of the arbitrariness with which the humane studies are cloven into ‘arts,’ ‘politics,’ ‘culture,’ ‘society,’ and the like. To parcel off the ‘arts’ in a walled kingdom is of both questionable utility and questionable ease; that is, even if one wanted to do it, I don’t think that one could.

That said, only good things can come out of more voices (and proportionally less Voices) on campus. We—both the immediate ‘we’s of this syndicate and the general ‘we’s of Harvard—are lucky to have one more.

Garrett Dash Nelson

November 10th, 2008 at 7:07 pm