Legion. An amalgamated journal.

Untransacted destiny

The untransacted destiny of the American people is to subdue the continent—to rush over this vast field to the Pacific Ocean—to animate the many hundred millions of its people, and to cheer them upward . . . —to agitate these herculean masses—to establish a new order in human affairs . . . —to regenerate superannuated nations. . . to stir up the sleep of a hundred centuries—to teach old nations a new civilization—to confirm the destiny of the human race—to carry the career of mankind to its culminating point—to cause a stagnant people to be reborn—to perfect science—to emblazon history with the conquest of peace—to shed a new and resplendent glory upon mankind—to unite the world in one social family—to dissolve the spell of tyranny and exalt charity—to absolve the curse that weighs down humanity, and to shed blessings round the world!

William Gilpin, Mission of the North American people, Geographical, Social, and Political (Philadelphia, 1874), p. 130. Reprinted in Henry Nash Smith, Virgin Land.

Garrett Dash Nelson

October 29th, 2008 at 10:10 am