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Luster long, lust lingers

Today is 16 October 2008, the 289th day of a tilt-shifted year. The Food and Agriculture Organization celebrated its fifty-third birthday; Obama was depicted by California Republicans eating watermelon and fried chicken. Innovators in the brain surgery field used banjo-playing to isolate the location of a particular muscular tremor’s mental origin. The Environmental Protection agency tightened its airborne lead standards; Maryland announced plans to sue the Army for groundwater and soil pollution. Ben H Murray suggested that what’s needed to solve the banking crisis is an injection of women into the profession. Apple dropped Palatino from its developer documentation. John McCain’s tongue came into the spotlight. Sarah Palin submitted her dissertation to the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department. Poor people were found to rock.

Garrett Dash Nelson

October 16th, 2008 at 9:09 pm