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Elephants Never Forget The Sins of Their Fathers

Last summer I dreamed of fathering a doom metal trio whose unifying artistic vision was the placement of Babar, the fictional children’s icon, into a post-apocalyptic dystopia. The following lyrics are the early and incomplete drafts.

Cover art?


Babar! King of the Elephants!
Babar! King of the Elephants!
(let me help you lord…I fall before you)

Grey skin and skein tacked to a weary frame
Tusk on tusk, eyes white with plague
and the infants scream when his trumpet sounds

A medieval archbishop, Thor reborn
A chalice of marrow, a baptism in gore

And his ebony brow beats on speckled steel eyes

“Mother Superior”

Celeste holds a baby against each teat
They’ve bitten past the nipple and made it to the meat
Salty milk, red milk, the youngest swallows tongue
Celeste only sighs and remembers being young

Sagging tits, hair, and lips, dirty ankle socks
And 8 tons of ass, oh what a fucking fox

[drum solo]

I’ll learn to love her
I’ll learn to love her

“Meatball Sub”

Dingy bedroom, hanging shutters, sheets stained and torn
Can’t hide the rhinoceros cutting wrists with his horn

Poor Rataxes, poor Rataxes
“oh it hurts us! oh it loves us!”
Deeper now!
Deeper now!
Deeper now!

If you play bass, drums, or meathook, please contact me at xbabarianx AT

—Jon-Mark Overvold

October 14th, 2008 at 9:09 pm

But perhaps you disagree

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    This post is now the number one google result for “poor Rataxes.” Many happy returns.