Legion. An amalgamated journal.

The foyer lights are flashing

Today is 6 October 2008, the 278th day of a hopscotched year. It was reported that Americans were tightening their belts; Formula 1 racers found themselves in a similar situation. Meanwhile, a few booster seats were found to have loose belts. Massachusetts nervously clutched its accordion-file of important documents as it sat in bankers’ offices hoping to get a good loan this time. They had to wait a while in the lobby since California arrived first. Sarah Palin started getting nervous; so did feline weightlifting contestants. Some move called Beverly Hills Chihuahua somehow made $29 million over the weekend, meaning if it were to open again on every weekend for the next 464 years, it would net the $700 billion just passed for economic relief. Pirates were abroad. Peter Nalitch sang “Gitarrrr”.

Garrett Dash Nelson

October 5th, 2008 at 9:09 pm