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Need Boxes for packing?
Help the environment by packing in used (but in-good-condition) boxes
(At only $1-3 per box, it’s also cheaper than getting new boxes)
Where To Get Some:
Quincy Terrace
Pfoho Terrace
Outside the Science Center


With 7,000 notebooks valued at $8 per notebook distributed here at Harvard, ABS saved Harvard students over $50,000. The notebook includes 8 resource pages at the front, with information about various students organizations on campus that may not otherwise be accessible to students. […] Visit for more information.


So an era is at an end. After about eighty years, the Danilov Monastery bells will go back to their rightful place, and the Lowell House bell tower will play host to a brand new set of authentic Russian bells.


When you first find a diamond deep in the earth, it’s called a rough diamond because, even though it’s special, it doesn’t really shine all that much. Once the right pieces of the diamond are cut away, however, it shines beautifully. In the same way, people often have certain limitations that are holding them back from accomplishing their goals, but once they cut away these limitations and are able to fully express themselves, then their true personalities shine like the facets of diamonds.


The guy is an idiot and not very good at hiding that you’re #2 to is established Facebook lover. In this case, he’s really not that cool and you can definitely do better.


Or for that matter, hot Harvard boys. It almost alliterates perfectly. Hot Harvard hombres. Hot Harvard hommes. Except in French, it’s like “le chaleur des hommes Harvardiens”!


Year of the Gentleman is the #1 ALBUM on the Japanese International CHART!!

#1 on the Japan iTunes Combined chart

Closer is back at the #1 spot on the RING TONE international CHART after his performance on Music Station Friday night.


‘Bout half the tracks on this album will really beat you up … and you’ll love every minute of it. The other half? They’ll still beat you up a bit. […] Wit Me, UCUD GEDIT. LISTEN!

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