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PDA’s tank DOW?

Probably freshman couple canoodling in Lamont while I was slogging through Considerations on France, this gem from de Maistre goes out to you.

A republican journal reports the following anecdote on Parisian morals today: ‘A case of seduction was pleaded before the Civil Tribunal. A young girl of fourteen astonished the judges by a degree of corruption that more than matched the profound immorality of her seducer. More than half the audience was composed of young women and young girls; among them more than twenty were no more than thirteen or fourteen, several being with their mothers. And instead of covering their faces, they laughed loudly at the necessary but disgusting details that made the men blush.’

I ask the reader to recall that Roman citizen who, in the days of Roman greatness, was punished for having embraced his wife before his children. Draw the parallel and your own conclusion.

Kissing in public is fun now, but how fun will it be when American hegemony is in ruins around your ankles and it’s all your licentious fault?

Maryellen McGowan

September 30th, 2008 at 10:10 pm