Legion. An amalgamated journal.

Shear stress


Today is 15 April 2008, the 106th day of a compounded year. Facebook debuted its Lexicon feature, tracking the frequency of words posted on Walls across Facebook. December 4th saw the peak mention of the word ‘legion.’ The last of Disney’s nine original cartoonists, Ollie Johnson, passed away at 95. The record label Sub Pop turned twenty. Superman was found to suck; meanwhile, the Pope landed in Maryland but did not offer birthday wishes to Kim Il-sung. 6 million pounds of trash were found on beaches across the world. 160 pounds of trash (estimated) were found bubbling nonsense in the Washington Post‘s editorial offices. Roy Edroso became the David Allen Sibley of prominent wild blatherbeests. A cross-dresser exacted revenge on a lingerie shop by crashing his car into it; a patient in Colorado hijacked and crashed an ambulance. The ampersand was dated to 45 AD.

Garrett Dash Nelson

April 15th, 2008 at 11:11 pm