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Hot Diggity Dog


Today is April 13, 2008 A.D., 1 A.V., the 103rd day of a year of waking up for the morning commute. The Return To Haifa, an Israeli play about a Palestinian raised as a Jew, opened at the Cameri Theater, leading to right-wing protests outside. Thirteen hundred Iraqi troops and policeman were fired, including many who “refused to (go into) battle for political or national or sectarian or religious reasons.” Meanwhile, libertarians were arrested for dancing on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. Animal lovers in one of the wealthiest corners of the nation selflessly spent $200 for DNA testing to prove that a dog at the local animal shelter was not a pit bull. Hot dogs began to enter the stage in preparation for warm weather.

Garrett Dash Nelson

April 13th, 2008 at 7:07 pm