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Change In The Weather

Steel is louder than one first expects

Today is April 11, 2008, the 102nd day of an already long year. Professor Harvey C. Mansfield convened a manly conference on feminism; meanwhile, the winners of the Feminist Porn Awards celebrated the first week of their newly won credentials. On a street corner somewhere in the world, it was snowing, although not enough to obscure the puddles of springtime. Catwalking crowned ‘parachute silk’ one of fashion’s new key fabrics. In Waltham, Massachusetts, a small knot of wedding planners were walking through the wearied wooden corridors of Stonehurst, the estate of the late Robert Treat Paine, deciding in which direction the bride would approach the expectant row of photographers. The late Heath Ledger was found to have used cocaine on the night of his death, and the Facebook group Students for HB1623: Decriminalize Marijuana in NH! surged past 290 members. Israel declared Facebook a security risk to its military. Across Harvard, Eco-Projects were due; General Electric shares plummeted in the most dramatic collapse since 1987. A team of dwarf soccer players won critical acclaim in Brazil. Werner Herzog, director of Even Dwarfs Started Small, was interviewed by Marc Lee in the Telegraph.

Garrett Dash Nelson

April 11th, 2008 at 8:08 pm