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Mad Men

While I understand that most of the adult world is already two seasons deep into love with AMC’s Mad Men, those currently living in the Harvard no-cable-zone are, as my super-scientific dining hall polling on the issue suggests, mostly unaware of its existence.

Minus Vincent Kartheiser’s acting, Mad Men is pretty close to perfect. It’s sexy, it’s polished, it has a brain, and it has a heart. In short, it may be the thing that eventually helps me move past how fundamentally outraged I am about having missed the sixties. Try plugging Mad Men into the OVGuide search bar next time you’re planning on a post (or pre, or during) paper-writing laptop TV binge. You won’t be sorry.

Think you don’t want to be Joan Halloway? I think you’re kidding yourself.

Maryellen McGowan

October 1st, 2008 at 12:12 am