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Dishware Determinants

The single best indicator of a Harvard student’s character is whether or not he or she is a dining hall dish-return Good Samaritan.

Those who blithely allow dishware pile-ups to mount to Kilimanjaro’s height rather than harboring a stray plate or two on their own trays are at least partially cruel, self-centered, or aloof (and not in the smoldering way). Those who welcome lone glasses and bowls onto their trays, like so many London children received into the homes of kindly farmers during Nazi bombing raids, are most assuredly decent, honest, and true.

Quincy House is an excellent place to gauge the fortitude of prospective blockmates, business partners, significant others, and UC members, as dish bottlenecks often occur during the “People’s House” lunchtime rush, providing the perfect covert field test for dishware decision- making.

Maryellen McGowan

April 24th, 2008 at 8:08 pm

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